October 2020


Thursday 1st

 9 to 13 to 9°C. 6.16kWh 1.3kW max. Another 2mm rain overnight then cloudy with some sunny intervals and a cold damp wind.

Took the opportunity while it was dry to seive some compost and soil to make some more potting compost. I have nearly run out and rain is forecast for tomorrow and the weekend. I still have some more onions sets to plant in 1L pots and the antirhinum and dianthus still need potting on.


Friday 2nd

9 to 12 to 11°C. 1.06kWh 200W max. Dark and cloudy with some light rain only amounting to 2mm; the forecast was for heavy rain all day.


Saturday 3rd

9 to 11 to 9°C. 500Wh. Dark and cloudy with 19mm steady rain. More is forecast for tomorrow.

Sunday 4th

 7 to 12 to 9°C. 2.22kWh 300W max. Another cloudy day with 17mm rain but no wind.


Monday 5th

11 to 14 to 10°C. 1.05kWh 200W max. More light rain totalling 16mm.

Tuesday 6th

 10 to 14 to 10°C. 2.61kWh 1.6kW max. Bright start with broken cloud and some sunshine but clouded over with some rain by lunchtime (6mm rain). Continued showery for the rest of the day.


Wednesday 7th

9 to 14 to 10°C. 4.35kWh 1.6kW max. Again started bright and stayed dry though cloudy in the afternoon so we managed a bike ride at lunchtime.

I have finished potting on the dianthus.

Thursday 8th

 10 to 15 to 5°C. 4.46kWh 1.6kW max. 5mm rain overnight, clearing by the morning but remained cloudy and windy for the rest of the day.


Friday 9th

4 to 12 to 5°C. 2.6kWh 400W max. Clear cold night clouding over mid morning with some blustery light showers in the afternoon.

The ash tree has decided autumn is coming and there were a lot of fallen leaves on the drive this morning. It has been a very good year for acorns, so many they are almost like a carpet beneath the oak trees. Very noisy when they fall on the metal roof of the potting shed.

Saturday 10th

5 to 12 to 6°C. 2.45kWh 800W max. A cloudy damp day with a northerly wind and drizzly showers (2mm rain)


Sunday 11th

4 to 12 to 6°C. 5.97kWh 1.2kW max. A better day with some sunny periods but the wind is still northerly and cold. Pat lit the stove for the first time this autumn, earlier than usual.

Finished potting on the primulas.

Monday 12th

 6 to 10 to 8°C. 1.06kWh. A grey damp day with 1mm drizzle which was so light you only noticed it from the drips falling from the trees.

Kept warm and exercised by turning two of the compost bins.

Pat cut the first kale of the autumn; something we always look forward to just like the first rhubarb  in spring, strawberries and raspberries in summer and apples and blackberries in late summer.

Tuesday 13th

 6 to 12 to 9°C. 4.65kWh 1.6kW max. Sunny intervals with a cold north easterly wind


Wednesday 14th

7 to 13 to 8°C. 5.11 1.6kWh 1.6kW max. Another mainly sunny day but still with the cold NE wind.