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The new hedge is coming on so well dad, lets loads more light onto the drive and the flowers by the apple tree are beautiful and bright. Looking forward to seeing the changes to the garden when I visit at the end of May. Enjoyed reading your diary as usual
Hi John & Pat, I'm a friend of your little (as in small) sister Margaret who I know as Denise. She tells me about how you're getting on. I'm especially interested as my sister-in-law has just had a hip replacement. I doubt she'll be putting the details on any website. It's brave of you to keep working with so much going on because of your health. Good for you!! I love my garden too. We've just got crocus snowdrops daffs hellebore and quince out so far and the flowering cherries are just showing their colours in bud. Take care of yourself, have a good gardening year. Alison
Good luck with your hip op, hope you have a quick recovery.
I'm still learning from you, as I'm making my way to the top as well. I definitely liked reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the tips coming. I liked it!
I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great posts.
Tammy this a wonderful blog submit! It is so nice when persons appreciate all that you do.
Finally managed a few minutes to myself to read your diary, need to do it more often as lovely to be reminded of home. The picture of all the different squashes is excellent and as usual are very jealous of reading about all the lovely fresh fruit and veg you get to enjoy. Will look forward to apple crumble with your bramleys and delicious russets.
Hello, I've been browsing through your website. I am planning a small raised garden on our .67 acre lot in Central Florida, USA. (zone 10a) It is a bit surreal to read about your weather while I battle mosquitoes, yellow flies & the biting midges we call 'no see 'ums'. With a pattern of 90+ temps and drought we hope the wet season settles in soon (w/o hurricanes). We recently moved into our 10 year old house. Initially we were unable to access parts of the back lot b/c of palmetto thicket, scrub oaks, wild vines and poison ivy. (My husband ended up at the dr.'s because of the last one.) I mention the personal info as a contrast to your life there. I really wish to convey how much I admire your fortitude,strength and stamina in creating such a wonderful homestead together! Thanks so much!
Long time no speak - beautiful photos - love your site.
Am still crunching and still in the thick of fighting to
keep cetaceans unbludgeoned ( not going to well in Taiji at
the moment ), to day the least.

Haraldo wants to contact you and will direct him
to your guest book.

Hi John,

Just popped in for an update, these are lovely photos!

What lovely winter photos Dad and yes you could definitely stand on the ice. It is lovely to see all the photos of where I grew up, keep it up. See you both soon.