January 2016                                                                                                                                    Back to December


Friday 1st

-3 to 6 to 7°C. 440Wh 60W max. A clear frosty night but clouded over by morning to cloudy showery day.  So a brief taste of winter before back to damp SW winds again.


Saturday 2nd

7 to 9 to 8°C. 155Wh 40W max. Another dull damp day.


Sunday 3rd

8 to 7 to 6°C. 61Wh.  Another very dull day with light rain and a few heavier showers.


It is a good job the country wasn't depending on solar electricity for the the last 6 weeks or so. Still the chickens are still laying three eggs each day, though Pat accidentally broke one when she collected them today.


Monday 4th

5 to 8 to 6°C. 702Wh 150W max. A slightly better day with only a few light showers.


Tuesday 5th

6 to 7 to 5°C, 679Wh 150W max. Mostly cloudy with some light showers but there was a sunny interval around lunchtime.


Wednesday 6th

5 to 7 to 5°C. 1.52kWh 600W max. A brighter dry day with even some hazy sunshine around midday.


Thursday 7th

6 to 7 to 2°C. 882Wh 150W max. Rained quite hard most of the night and light rain most of the morning. Cleared by lunchtime with some sunshine in the afternoon but feeling much colder by evening.


The puddles in the surrounding fields are turning into quite large ponds but at least, not being near a river like a lot of poor souls in the last few weeks, we are unlikely to be flooded apart from in the wild garden. The water in the well is only about 2m down compared with the 15m or more in drier summers.


Friday 8th

1 to 8 to 3°C. 1.55kWh 900W max. Thin cloud with some sunshine around lunchtime. A clear night so wre might have a frost by the morning.


My leg is finally getting better but I have lost a lot of muscle mass and it will need a lot of exercise, gentle at first, to get it back to the way it was before September, if ever. I still can't bend it enough to use the exercise bike so perambulating round the kitchen and doing squats is the best I can manage. It is much too slippery to try walking outside. Hopefully it will be better enough to at least fork over the vegetable garden in March/ April. I usually double dig compost into at least half of it each year but that will have to miss this time. And there is the other problem. Turning the compost, something which Pat isn't strong enough to do.


Saturday 9th

4 to 8 to 7°C. 598Wh 400W max. Mainly cloudy with some sunny periods around lunchtime but also some showers in the afternoon.


Sunday 10th

4 to 7 to 3°C. 3.14kWh 1.2kW max. Misty start then very sunny though with a cold wind.


Monday 11th

2 to 5 to 3°C. 1.01kWh 300W max. Variable cloud. Slightly less wind,


Tuesday 12th

4 to 6 to 3°C. 1.16kWh 500W max. Showery rain most of the night and morning, clearing to sunshine around lunchtime. Then the wind moved to the north and it started raining heavily. Looks like we might get some wintery weather soon?


The seed potatoes arrived today so tomorrow I will place them in trays in the bedroom facing north to chit. It won't be long before the onion sets come as well. Soon it will be time to start thinking about sowing the early peas and broad beans in trays.


Wednesday 13th

1 to 5 to 2°C. 1.02kWh 300W max. Cloudy with a few showers in the afternoon and evening.


The weekend is forecast to be much colder, possibly below freezing all day and night on Sunday and Monday. So Pat is going to bring the perennial seedlings in from the polytunnel into the conservatory. It would be a shame to lose them. Those that haven't fully germinated might be encouraged to do so once it comes warmer again.


Thursday 14th

2 to 4 to 2°C. 2.59kWh 1;05kW max. A mainly sunny day but the northerly wind made it feel colder than the thermometer suggested.


Friday 15th

1 to 4 to 1°C. 2.19kWh 900W max. Some light snow overnight with some sleet showers in the early morning. Then sunny intervals in the afternoon with a coldl northerly breeze and more sleet in the evening.  It cleared around 9pm to what might be a frosty night as the wind has now dropped.


Finally some cold weather to crisp up my favourite vegetable, curly kale. Pat picked some to go with omelette for my dinner but she had some peas instead.


The hens are still laying 3 eggs most days, going down to only 2 twice this month so far. This it the first time they have seen snow. Marigold wasn't sure, trying to not walk on it , but the other two discovered it was nice to eat (or drink?)


Saturday 16th

-4 to 2 to 0°C. 906Wh 150W max. Frosty start then cloudy most of the day with some light showers of sleet.


Sunday 17th

1 to 2 to 3°C. 166Wh 50W max.  Dull and damp.


Monday 18th

4 to 5 to 4°C. 575Wh 100W max. Brighter but with light rain most of the morning.


Tuesday 19th

1 to 5 to 0°C. 1.27kWh 250W max. Misty start then slightly brighter but still cold and damp. Looks like it could be frosty overnight.


Wednesday 20th

-6 to 5 to -2°C. 4.00kWh 1.2kW max.  Frost overnight and stayed frosty till lunchtime despite the bright sunshine. Probably the the best solar generation ever for January.


Thursday 21st

-1 to 4 to 6°C 142Wh 40W max. Slight frost overnight with a damp mistly start slowly warming as the day progressed but very dull with some light showers; the opposite of yesterday.


Friday 22nd

6 to 12 to 7°C. 1.26kWh 600W max.  Dull drizzly morning but cleared to a sunny and warm afternoon.


There are some snowdrops and and one or two crocusses flowering down the side of the drive and aconites in several other parts of the garden, including a few which started flowering before Christmas.


Saturday 23rd

7 to 9 to 9°C. 1.36kWh 400W max. Sunny intervals in the morning with some heavy showers in the afternoon.


I was going to go outside to take some photographs but the ground is covered in slimy mud and algae from the damp weather and I am still not very steady on my feet so i decided not to risk it.


Sunday 24th

10 to 14 to 13°C. 126Wh 50W max. A very dull day but very mild for January. Very different to to the 60+cm of snow on the other side of the Atlantic.


Monday 25th

10 to 13 to 8°C. 1.16kWh 400W max. A brighter day but with increasing wind and some rain later.


Tuesday 26th

7 to 12 to 12°C. 498Wh 120W max. Very windy with squally showers in the afternoon. Still very mild for January.


Wednesday 27th

13 to 10 to 2°C. Wind and rain for most of the night and morning before cooling down to a clear night. It may be icy in the morning.


Thursday 28th

2 to 8 to 10°C. 1.94kWh 1.1kW max. Clear cold night followed by a sunny morning. Clouded over by lunchtime with some showers and increasing wind into the evening. Storm Gertrude is forecast for tomorrow.


Friday 29th

11 to 12 to 8°C. 1.13kWh 1.2kW max. Mainly dull and showery with a brief sunny spell just before lunch. Gertrude passed much further north with damaging winds in North Scotland and the Isles.


Saturday  30th

 4 to 5 to 4°C. 4.14kWh 1,2kW max. A really sunny day, except for a short time after lunch, but feeling very cold in the strong northerly breeze.


It was dry enough to safely go outside without the risk of slipping so I took a  few photographs of the flowers already in the garden this year, including some still surviving from last year.









































































































































































































































































Sunday 31st

1 to 10 to 12°C. 1.31Kwh 900W max. Mainly cloudy with a brighter spell in the afternoon.  Warmer with a light south

westerly breeze